Rein them IN!

I have had it with the under 30 crowd. They are way out of control.

Me – “Give me a minute while I download this file.”
Them – “You are not downloading …. Your uploading. Geez you sound like an idiot!”

Me – “You can email your friend to invite her over tomorrow. I will pick her up.”
Them – “I don’t have her email. I don’t have her phone number!”
Me – “You told me yesterday that you wrote to her and she wrote back?”

Me – “Here is another speeding ticket delivered by our local post office!”
Them – “You can’t get mad at me. I told you about it right after I thought I was flashed!!”

Me – “This week I would like you to clean out that drawer”
Them – “Why do I always have to work! It’s summer, when do I get to rest?”

Me – “Could you please stop tail gating that car?”
Them – “No! They shouldn’t even be on the road! STOP TALKING ON THE PHONE YOU IDIOT! Who let these people on the road?”
Me – “Excuse me, but your texting while your driving!”
Them – “ No problem, I know how to multi-task.”

Me – in line at the grocery store with 4 items.
Them – “Excuse me… Do you mind if I go in front of you. I only have these 2 things.”

Try multi tasking this! I’m a human being! Stop yelling at me. Stop expecting me to drop everything I am doing because you are not the center of the universe. Stop acting like you know about more stuff. You might know the latest words or lingo, but you lack the wisdom and experience to know their purpose. Stop being lazy and blaming all your issues on what happened or did not happen to you. Stop thinking about missed opportunities and start making your own opportunities. Stop wasting your time. Stop wasting my time. Just stop. Geez you guys are idiots!

“Man, what is up with her? She is soooo menopausal! Oh, oh, here she comes with the wooden spoon!”

You are right I am an idiot. I would like to download now. Purging complete.

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