50 cents

Last week we decided to post it. We couldn’t resist anymore. We had no idea within one week it would go viral, but it did. We had decided to start posting some other funny moments, and then we saw it. Someone or a lot of someones put their watermark on our clip. What is up with that? We don’t care if you want to share what we share, but for Pete’s sake don’t try to own it! Kind of let’s me know how artists feel when others down load their creation. Come on people. Don’t you feel wrong? For those of you who would like to see a small clip of a crazy guy check out on YouTube 50 cent Zambian. We think he is hilarious. Share if you like, but don’t call it yours. Don’t imply it’s yours. It isn’t. There ought to be a law. Oh wait there is. Obey it.

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