Praying for a Miracle

I have spent a few years contemplating on a rather personal and definitely private matter. It is the concept of well, prayer. It isn’t really an inquiry about if someone is in this communication with me; it was more like why is it necessary at all? I mean, when you think about it, if you believe in prayer then you believe that there is someone listening to or receiving your prayers, someone who also has the ability to respond or assist. So my thoughts were, since I have experienced the response, why is it even necessary to pray? That higher source is quite aware of my needs and desires, perhaps even more than I am. In listening to my prayers and the prayers of others, I have thought we can be a tad arrogant and even disrespectful in asking or even telling the recipient of our prayers what we want or need. No matter how humble we are it never felt humble enough to me.

I remember having personal daily kind of like conversations and then I have felt distant and aloof. Recently, after a particularly grueling week, I just kind of throught out a plea to just have a good and productive day. I admit there was desperation and despair in my request, but something magical happened that day. It was good and productive. Amazing. Still not sure why it works the way it does, but I’m just glad it works.

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