Living Far Away

This week a friend visited. We spent time in conversation. That is what we do.
We talked.
We shared the good things that were happening and celebrated each others accomplishments and momentous moments.
We laughed.
She complained some about her life and I suppose I complained some about mine.
We listened.
Then she said to me.
“Pam, we are living the life we want or it would look different. This is what we asked for. It might not look like what we imagined, but this is what we want or we would change it up.”
I argued. Choices, consequences, responsibilities…
She opined. “Some people believe it is noble to give up their dreams, to sacrifice their lives for others. They become martyrs and they think that makes them better than everyone else. It doesn’t. It just makes them martyrs.
“Do you think that is what I am?”
“I don’t know. I believe most of us are that way. I know I am. Only you know what motivates you. The question is, are you brave enough to see your truth, whatever that may be and if you don’t like it, are you willing to change?”

Sometimes I am glad she lives far away.

You have what you want.
You hold what you have.
Illuminated sky castles.
And at night,
at night.
The sound in your head hums
And your heart
skips and trips and
Lies in the cascade of
another moon waxing or waning.
upon a chance of possible.
Force crafts change that
is not yours to hold.
You do have what you want,
clasped securely in the known
at every filtered flutter of sunrise.
Hold the loitering thoughts hostage
in the submerged space of fear,
buried deep In the recesses of yesteryears.
Not forgotten, never forgotten.
Your forsaken parts.

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