100 Years of Progress … Or Not …

Working on a documentary about the colonies has some unexpected perks. I’ve spent ten years looking through piles of dusty journals, stacks of fading photographs and hours (and hours and hours) of old VHS tapes trying to find those little gems that will make the documentary unforgettable. acbbfloat.jpg The perk this week was going through the CENTENNIAL PARADE VHS tapes and finding some startling moments and memories. There was the footage of Dublanites clogging. I remembered Chris driving the Bowman family’s “Five Generation Float” and almost getting asphyxiated by the vehicle he was driving. And then I saw it. The THE HATCH FAMILY BASKETBALL FLOAT with all of those guys in those “wife beater” shirts and lovely shorts. I laughed out loud. I thought of that Bruce Springsteen song “Glory Days.” Those were the days!

If you want to take a trip down memory lane, click on the photo or link above.

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